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Costa Auctions was established in 1998 by Karin Costa to serve the needs of antique, vintage and modern collection sellers; to help families in estate liquidations of excess furniture, decor, antiques, collectibles, household and workshop items; to sell business assets for retailers, galleries and workshops with overstock or that are closing business; and during family moves, downsizing or redecorating.

Clients often request valuation and other services prior to the auction sale of their assets. Costa Appraisals Serviceshas been created to assist clients with asset appraisals, valuation and brokerage when additional information, detailed asset inventory or pre-sale research is required in the decision making process.

Costa Auctions and Costa Appraisal Services is specifically structured to assist out of town executors, trustees, fiduciaries, and asset managers.

To best assist you, an estate evaluation is necessary. Complimentary evaluations are handled by email with your asset list and photos. On-site evaluations may be scheduled with a pre-paid fee. Please email your asset list and photos to Karin or call 775-722-2776 to schedule an on-site evaluation. Please allow 7 days.